Rector’s Message

The purpose of the new program of “ Computer Science and Technology ” is to prepare knowledgeable and skillful graduates specialized in designing and developing of computer and information systems where the software interacts with the hardware.

Through this program, students will develop appropriate skills and will be provided with in-depth knowledge of engineering concepts relating to hardware, digital hardware design and embedded computation as well as software and information systems… Read More

The Computer University of Thaton is opened with the aim of nurturing new generations who can keep abreast with different nations and producing IT professionals who are needed to the local area and the country. With the result of that the Union of Myanmar will become a modern and developed country.
It is reported that in producing skilled practitioners with these aims.Computer University of Thaton is teaching a total number of 600 students in the Academic year 2013-2014. And it is able to teach almost about 1000 students in consequence of the classrooms at the present.

About Achievement Summary

The brief account of Computer University (Thaton) is as follows:

The Computer University (Thaton) is situated at the fort of the Wondami Hilllock in God village of Thaton Township, Mon State. At first, Government Computer College (Mawlamyine) was opened on 4th   September 2000 in the compound of Government Technical College(Mawlamyine) in Mon State.



Computer University in Myanmar