B.C.Sc (Bachelor of Computer Science)


Subject Code Field of Study
M Myanmar
E English
P Physics
CST 101 Introduction to Computer System, Digital Logic Fundamental
CST 102 Mathematics of Computing I
CST 103 Computer Application Technique I, Data Structure
CST 104 Programming Logic and Design, Object Oriented Programming in C++



Subject Code Field of Study
E English
CS 201 Java Programming Language
CS 202 Mathematics of Computing II
CS 203 Digital Logic Fundamental II, Advanced Data Structure
CS 204 Database Management System, System Analysis and Design
CS 205 Computer Application Technique II
CS 206 Software Engineering + System Analysis and Design, Object Oriented System Development



Subject Code Field of Study
E English
CS 301 Computer Organization, Operating Systems
CS 302 Mathematics of Computing III
CS 303 Data Communication I, Computer Networking
CS 304 Software Engineering, Database Management System
CS 305 Computer Application Technique III
CS 306 Advanced Java Programming J2EE


Subject Code Field of Study
E English
CS 401 Operation Research, Final Year Project
CS 402 Mathematics of Computing IV
CS 403 Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating System
CS 404 Database Management System, Management Information System
CS 405 Software Engineering
CS 406 Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics